Partnerships: Lantic Sugar

Partnerships: Lantic Sugar

Second-year students created images for the ubiquitous sugar envelope. At just 3.25” x 2.5”, the art may be tiny, but the exposure is big! Over 700,000 boxes of sugar packets are sold annually for retail and food service distribution.

The “client” was Lantic Inc., the largest refined sugar producer in the country. Student submissions represent the company’s Canadian heritage, its trademark hummingbird and “sweet by nature” slogan, as well as the “natural appeal” of Lantic’s unbleached refining process.

The Ideas and Images course pushes students to understand contemporary visual culture and its relationship to current social, ethical and environmental issues. The sugar envelope became a canvas for a wide range of designs – everything from icons of Canadian landscapes, flora and fauna, to messages about sugar consumption, to notepads for conversation between restaurant customers.

Graphic Design

Lantic Sugar

Ideas & Images

Nicole Dimson

Aline Kruff

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