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Meet the Maker: Peace & Cotton

Author: Adrianna LeBlanc

About Peace & Cotton

Peace and Cotton has been a boutique manufacturing and printing solution company in Toronto circa 2008. When I asked Jeremy Panda, founder of Peace and Cotton, about their work with creatives he replied “we facilitate creative intentions from small to large companies”. He wasn’t exaggerating when he said “large”. Peace and Cotton has worked with Adidas, The Bay, Lush and Holt Renfrew. You can expect to see them at Adidas Tango League Toronto After Party tonight sewing and live printing.

While it may be more lucrative to work with large scale companies, Jeremy likes to keep the door open to local Toronto artists and of course George Brown College (which includes the IN Store & Studio and the Fashion Exchange). He says that he has a “soft spot” for helping independent artists.

Wood Prints

Peace & Cotton, IN & George Brown College

In terms of marketing and partnerships, Jeremy attributes Peace and Cotton’s success to word of mouth. This rings true with IN’s partnership as well, as it was a George Brown College Graphic Design student who connected Lori Endes (one of our design mamas) and Jeremy Panda 4 years ago.

Jeremy agreed to do experimental projects, small test runs and assist with prototyping, which is something very difficult to find in Canada. Peace and Cotton has helped the IN Store create trivets, wood prints, and a home line (currently available in store).  Jeremy says “It’s exciting to be associated with George Brown on these two levels - the Fashion department and Design. I boast about it quite a bit.”

Jeremy Panda


The Beginning

Although Jeremy comes across as a very outgoing and friendly guy, he describes himself as more of a loner type. Before Peace and Cotton, Jeremy ran a series of tee shirt and sunglass kiosks across the Maritimes (St. John, Moncton and Halifax). It wasn’t his ultimate job, but it gave him the flexibility to spend time alone, play professional pool and work on his music career (one of his songs was played on Degrassi: The Next Generation).

Panda closed that chapter and moved back to Toronto to partner with a silk screener. Together, they created a retail store that sold boutique items and provided a silk screen printing service. Jeremy said he “didn’t have any business plans”, but it seemed like a good business idea and he “had an instinct”. The company was able to do $100,000 in sales in the first year, but after a couple of years, Jeremy felt the company needed to evolve and expand to commercial print brokering, so him and his partner parted ways.

Although he is busy as ever running Peace and Cotton, Jeremy still writes and plays music with his kids. He says they “play Country Roads every night on the piano”. Jeremy gets what he describes as “ten times” the amount of creative stimuli from running Peace and Cotton.

Behind the Scenes at Peace and Cotton


Where is Peace and Cotton Going?

According to Panda, Peace and Cotton is on pace to pull in 1.3 Million in sales this year. They’re in the beginning stages of opening a studio in Hamilton which will focus on eco-friendly textiles such as recycled and organic fabric (which we LOVE). And they will continue to do what they do best: print and experiential marketing.

What is your favourite IN Store & Studio product created by Peace and Cotton? Tell us in the comments and keep coming back to learn about our amazing partners.


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