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IN Progress: 8 Things to Expect from IN in the Next 8 Months!

Author: Adrianna LeBlanc 

Welcome to the IN Store Blog! We have lots of exciting news and updates to share with you today and in the future. Read more to find out what’s IN Progress.


1. An Exciting Expansion

The new George Brown College Waterfront Campus expansion is scheduled to open Spring of 2019 with the Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts building. The IN Store and Studio will now have 1500 sq ft. of retail and event space with giant windows and a beautiful view. This means more of the products we love and more opportunities to get involved with IN initiatives. Our team will be sharing photos of the progress from the inside in the coming weeks.


2. The Inside Scoop on Our Process

We put our heart and souls into our work and we want to share our stories! We’re going to show you how our products are designed, made and who made them! If you’re interested in product design or you want to see what happens behind the scenes this is the place for you.


3. Thoughtful Design Related Content

Our world revolves around design daily and we want to talk about it! Our blog will be home to all things design and IN. We’ll be sharing our thoughts about products and current events happening every month. We don’t just want to share our opinions with you. We want to have a conversation! Tell us what you want to see from us in the comments.


4. Amazing New Products

The new expansion means more space for products! We’re already working on a ton of new product lines and we can’t wait to share them with you. You can expect accessories, design essentials and all things IN this winter. The new store will host products in a variety of price ranges so there should be something for everyone.


5. Plenty of Pop Ups and Partnerships

This year IN is going to be ALL OVER Toronto. You can expect to see our student made products for sale in galleries, stores around the city and best of all, events! We’ll keep you updated on Instagram so make sure you’re following us!


6. Workshops and Events

This summer we designed some super fun, educational and FREE workshops for the School of Design students. Expect a scavenger hunt, illustration workshop and great activities to introduce you to the school, teach you new skills and immerse you in the world of design. The official schedule will be posted here in September!

7. IN Store Squad Superstars

The IN Store is currently home to 11 employees, 9 of which are George Brown College students. Our team is equipped with Digital Marketers, User Experience, User Interface, Motion Graphic and Graphic Designers. Katie, Emilli, Larissa, Shirley, Amy, Henrique, Kassiana, Adrianna and Kathleen - we’re looking at you. You can expect an INspiring post about our two amazing boss ladies (and design gurus) Lori and Jen this year! We love our team and their unique talents and we’re continually growing! The waterfront expansion means more opportunity for work (we say work, but it really doesn’t feel that way when you love what you do as much as we do!) We’ll be on the hunt for fresh faces shortly, so stay tuned for more information on how to join our design obsessed family.


8. Social Innovation

We love to support student success and the design community. How? Through scholarships and mentorship. We’re working on products, events and exhibits that promote social innovation and positive change in the Toronto community. We can’t wait to share it all with you, but you’ll have to wait!

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